Portrait 04 klDr. med. Jörg Heppelmann

Specialist of ENT-diseases, plastic and aesthetic surgery, diving medicine (german navy)



Diagnosis and conservative treatment of:

We examine hearing tests and the balance organs of our patients once they suffer from:

Hearing disorders (children and adults), dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, chronic purulent otitis media.

We treat illnesses of the eardrum, ear canal as well as outer ear malformations.

In our practice we prescribe hearing aids for our patients.

We examine and treat the nose and paranasal sinuses once our patients suffer from:
Nasal obstruction (children and adults), smell disorders, chronic sinusitis, snoring

We examine and treat the mouth and the salivary glands once our patients suffer from:
Chronic tonsillitis, taste disturbance, tumorous pathological changes of the oral mucosa and tongue as well as salivary stones

We examine and treat the larynx once our patients suffer from:
Hoarseness, voice and speech disorders, forced to hawk, tumors of the vocal cords

We examine and treat the throat and esophagus once our patients suffer from:
Tumors of the neck (for example lymph node enlargement), dysphagia

Surgical therapy of:

Acoustic organ

Plastic of the ear canal, tympanoplastic type I-IV, cholesteatoma-operations, middle-ear prosthetics (Titan-implants), removal of tumors of the external ear, implantation of myringotomy tubes (children and adults)

Nose and paranasal sinuses:
Septumplasty, conchotomy, minimal-invasiv paranasal surgery

Lymph node removal

Plastic and reconstructive surgery:
- Cosmetic correction of scars on the face as well as on the neck
- Removal of tumors on the face and neck with cosmetic defect coverage
- Rhinoplastic (correction of hump nose, hook nose, crooked nose)
- Correction of prominent ears
- Wrinkle treatment with Hyaluron acid

Diving medicine:
Diving medical advice
Examination of suitability